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Annette Brickley



  • Researcher 


Annette Brickley served as Director of the Challenger Learning Center of Maine since November 2003. She supervised all flight personnel and operations, and was responsible for guiding the development of all of the Center's student education and professional development offerings. Annette has been writing grants and providing professional development opportunities for teachers for the past 6 years. Her most recent offering is a 3 year ED funded MSP project with g.6-12 teachers entitled "Connecting Climate to Curriculum".

Annette is a former middle school science teacher and taught high school science and mathematics for six years. In addition, she has numerous years' experience teaching sailing, canoeing, ecology, and oceanography for Outward Bound and the Sea Education Association, both renowned institutions for experiential learning.

She holds a Masters degree in Oceanography from the University of Maine, with a specialization in marine biogeochemistry, as well as 18 additional credit hours in fulfillment of her Maine Teaching Certification. She has done advanced research in marine natural products chemistry at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in LaJolla, California. Annette also holds a bachelor of arts in chemistry from Kenyon College. 


Creating professional development opportunities which meet the needs of teachers. I place a particular emphasis on increasing the depth of content knowledge of teachers, increasing their confidence in math and science, recognizing misconceptions of their own and their students, and understanding the true meaning of inquiry and "hands-on" learning.