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Tutita Casa



  • Higher Ed: Mathematics 


My primary area of interest is in the implementation of higher levels of discourse in the elementary mathematics classroom. I currently am focused on researching and developing ideas that address written discourse that calls for and positions students to reason in writing. I intend this work to influence both teachers and researchers given the continued emphasis in the Common Core State Standards for students to communicate their reasoning and the accountability of this contemporary practice on the related assessments. Prior to my current appointment, I worked extensively in developing and researching the efficacy of advanced math curriculum for elementary students. Most recently, I served as Co-Principal Investigator for Project M^2: Mentoring Young Mathematicians, a 6-year, National Science Foundation research grant that developed challenging geometry and measurement units for kindergarten through Grade 2 students. As part of this work, I conceptualized the Student Mathematician Discourse Model aimed at supporting students mathematical communication that results in writing. 


elementary math education, discourse 


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