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Margaret Niess



  • Higher Ed: Mathematics, Higher Ed: Education, Researcher 


Margaret (Maggie) Niess is a Professor Emeritus of Science and Mathematics Education in the Department of Science and Mathematics Education at Oregon State University. My research focuses on integrating technology in education, specifically in the preparation of mathematics and science teachers for teaching with technology. I have primarily focused on teachers' development of technology pedagogical content knowledge (TPCK) - considering how both preservice and inservice teachers develop this knowledge for teaching mathematics and science, effectively integrating technology as an integral tool for learning. This work has evolved and is now referred to as TPACK (Technology, Pedagogy, And, Content Knowledge) as the Total Package for teaching with technology.

I has served as a Co-PI for the EUSES (End Users Shaping Effective Software) Consortium, an NSF-funded multi-university collaboration among Oregon State University and Carnegie Mellon, Pennsylvania State, University of Nebraska, Drexel University, and University of Cambridge (U.K.) to help End Users Shape Effective Software.

I has also completed the work as PI and Project Director for a Mathematics Science Partnership grant funded by the Oregon Department of Education (2008-2011) focused on preparing K-8 mathematics and science teachers to integrate appropriate technologies in teaching mathematics and science in five Oregon rural school districts.



My current efforts are focused on teaching online for current K-12 mathematics and science teachers. This exciting venture has led me to research instructional strategies for teaching online. The exciting part of this effort has been the design of a learning trajectory for graduate coursework directed toward the development of TPACK. 


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