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Dean Livelybrooks



  • Higher Ed: Science 


Born & raised, including high school, Niles, MI
B.Sc., 1977, Mass. Inst. of Technology, Earth Sciences
Ph.D., 1990, University of Oregon, Physics
Post-doc, 1991-93, University of Edinburgh (Scotland), geophysics (magnetotellurics-- MT)
Research Prof. 1993-96, Ecole Polytechnique du Montreal, geophysics (MT and ground-penetrating radar)
Current position includes Director of Undergrad. Studies for Physics since 1998, geophysics (MT, GPR, other), instruction (specializing in labs), PI 5-year NSF STEP program, led 10-year NSF GK-12 program (PI of most recent grant), co-PI of NSF TPC program, PI of NSF S-STEM program.
16 years as publicly-elected school board member (7 as chair).
Former board member of the Oregon School Board Association. 


Geophysics-- electromagnetic methods, data analysis, modeling and inversion, processing of ocean water level data, marine seismology.
STEM- led teacher professional development workshops for all levels, K-12, including those focused on use of 'science kits' (K-8), Vernier probes, interfaces and software, and connections (G6-12) between math and science (K-6). Founded NSF STEP-supported UCORE program bringing ~26 community college students from 6 OR campuses to UO for summer research experiences, followed by STEM career-catalytic activities on their home campuses afterwards.
Leader of UO STEM CORE, a cross-campus center focusing on STEM Careers through Outreach, Research and Education. 


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Baxter, J., Ruzicka, A., Livelybrooks, D., & Beghetto, R. 2011. Professional development on connecting mathematics and science: Affordances and dilemmas. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association, New Orleans, LA.

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