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Ann Crotty



  • Teacher: Science, Teacher: Elementary, Teacher: Middle School, K-12 Administrator, Researcher 


I have been a NY State public educator for over 20 years. I am an experienced classroom elementary and middle level teacher and served as a teacher professional devleoper for K-8 teachers in an urban school district for 12 years prior to joining the NY State Education Department in 2001. I have been working in the Office of Curriculum and Instruction as an Associate in Science Education K-12 for the past decade. Most recently, my major responsibilities have been focused on the implementation of the Title II B - MSP program in NY. As an associate at the state level, I work with stakeholders in STEM education in various ways in an effort to elevate and enhance science education statewide to better prepare all students access to college and career opportunities in STEM fields.

My research interests focus on underrepresented populations in STEM education in PK-20 pipeline and careers, especially girls, women and minorities. A prioirty of mine is to better understand the trajectory and pathways students choose to pursue (or not pursue) STEM education in college or careers and assist in indentifying the many factors that have influenced them to do so. I am very interested in engaging more students and teachers in NY in qualitative and quantitive research studies that tap students and teachers perspectives and experiences from within PK-12 STEM classrooms prior to the post-secondary level. 


K-12 Science Education; Organizational and Educational Leadership 


University of Pennsylvania,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Doctorate, Educational and Organizational Leadership, August 2008
Doctoral Dissertation, Women and Girls in Science Education:
Female Teachers' and Students' Perspectives on Gender and Science