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Janice Mokros




Dr. Mokros currently directs the Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance, and previously served as a researcher, curriculum developer, and developer of informal mathematics learning programs at TERC for over 20 years. As former Director of San Francisco State University's Center for Science and Mathematics Education, Mokros developed a GK-12 NSF partnership project with mathematician Matt Beck, which brings graduate students into algebra classrooms in high needs areas of San Francisco. She currently directs a program to bring STEM subjects together with service learning for middle schoolers. She also consults with Oregon Museum of Science and Industry on the development of an algebra exhibit. 


Mathematics education, research on children's learning about data, curriculum development, informal learning of mathematics 


Mokros, J. & Wright, T. (2009). Zoos, Aquariums, and Expanding Students' Data Literacy. Teaching Children Mathematics, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Mokros, J. (Ed) (2006). Math Momentum in Science Centers, Cambridge, MA: TERC