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Title of event: Waves PD Registration

Registration closes on: 06/11/2014

Description of event:
Waves Professional Learning—June 24th – 28th, 2014, Everett School District Community Resource This experience will engage professional elementary educators in a week of science inquiry study of the science of waves. The days will be filled with guided activities, investigations, small and large group discussions about ideas, observations, summarizing models and explanations of the various wave phenomena currently specified for elementary grades by the Next Generation Science Standards that all public schools in the state of Washington will soon be accountable for teaching. You will have the opportunity to authentically construct your own understanding about waves, energy, wave properties, and different types of waves-- all the time working in the safe environment of non-expert peers. Equipment and materials are purposely kept simple and fundamental; most, if not all, of them will readily translate to classroom materials and activities. Each day's activities will be facilitated by higher education discipline experts Dr. Sue DeBari (WWU geologist) and Sara Julin (WCC Physicist), who have strong interest and experience in teaching and learning research, teaching inquiry and immersion science courses with in-service and pre-service teachers. We are excited to be asked to develop this curriculum specifically for professional development in Washington State in preparation for the implementation of the NGSS. The curriculum design is strongly influenced by the three key findings broadly reported How People Learn, in edited by Bransforth, Brown and Cocking, and will provide an inquiry based immersion experience for the participants. This course design has proven to be a very successful model for post-certification professional development in science education as well as an up front and personal experience for teachers interested in reforming some of their instructional practices along the lines of inquiry. Our work is highly informed by years of successful development and implement of PD summer institutes of the North Cascades Olympic Science Partnership (funded by NSF at WWU), the SEISMIC project funded by WA OSPI at WWU) and the Building Bridges: Science and Math Partnership (funded by WA OSPI at Northwest ESD 189). Together we are approaching 50 years of experience working with science students at all levels and are both particularly interested in working with practicing teachers to help strengthen their knowledge, confidence and mental tool-kits for working in the classroom teaching science and mathematics. The week will be challenging, enlightening and fun. Expect to move in and out of your personal comfort zone daily; and we are always hoping the challenges create net positive experiences for all. We are looking forward to this week of hard work together.

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