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Partnering to Improve Mathematics and Science Attainment by Improving Teacher Knowledge: A Case Study of the California Mathematics and Science Professional Development Partnership (CaMSP)


This paper reports select findings from a comprehensive multi-year mixed methods case
study and impact evaluation of California's Math and Science Partnership (CaMSP). As the state with the largest MSP allocation, the most partnerships, and a high degree of diversity in terms of LEA size and type, university participation and student demographics, California is a rich case that warrants attention. Utilizing Desimone's (2009) conceptual framework for improvement of professional development impact studies, we offer key insights into how to use the LEA-University partnership model to improve mathematics and science teaching. In addition, we use value-added analysis to show CaMSP is associated with improved student achievement in general mathematics and, in particular, Algebra I. Higher science test scores may also be associated with CaMSP professional development.