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Changing Practice Using Survey of Enacted Curriculum (SEC) Data To Describe Change:Results of Analyses For the Missouri Math and Science Partnership Project (MSP) on Promoting Reasoning and Inquiry in Science and Mathematics (PRISM)



This paper reports on results of analyses conducted for a Missouri-based Math Science Partnership described below. Having access to only teacher survey data collected from science teachers both within the project, and around the country more broadly, this report constructs two 'comparison' groups available from the Survey of Enacted Curriculum (SEC) database. The two comparison groups essentially consist of teachers who A) completed the survey as part of participation in a MSP program, or B) did not. The B category (non-MSP) can be a little more finely defined as consisting primarily of science teachers participating in some school or district-based initiative, typically as part of a school-improvement effort, and often as a result of having not met AYP requirements. Thus while the analyses reported herein are primarily focused on a particular MSP project, the comparison groups comprise a large enough sample of general interest, as to provide a tentative look at science instruction across a large number of science teachers both in and outside of various MSP projects from around the country. This more general look at science instruction through the lens of the SEC data provide a unique context for highlighting the types and uses of data available from the SEC instrumentation.